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All good relationships involve trust. In property management trust is essential and especially vital. A property owner wants to know his investment is in good hands, that his investment is safe, and that his funds are safe. An owner wants to know that the property is secure and well maintained. Trust is earned over time, and therefore the primary responsibility of a good property management company is to make sure the property is occupied by excellent tenants who pay rent on time and take good care of the property.

An owner wants to be free of day-to-day involvement. The owner also wants to benefit from cost savings provided by good management through increased occupancy rates, higher rents and ongoing assessment of the property. The owner also wants the option to have access to what is going on at any time, 24/7.

"Silver River Property Management is licensed in the State of Maryland, and has been providing property management services to satisfied clients since 2002. We are proud of our untarnished record of excellent service to owners and investors." -Dan Stein

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Riverdale Park and the neighboring community of West Riverdale developed in the late nineteenth century as streetcar suburbs in central Prince George’s County. The town is located approximately seven miles northeast of Washington, D.C., and is bounded to the north by East-West Highway and bisected by the heavily traveled US Route 1. The City of College Park is located to the north, and the City of Hyattsville is located to the south and southwest.

The area was first developed in 1801 when a Belgian aristocrat, Henri Joseph Stier, purchased 800 acres situated between two tributaries of the Anacostia River known as the Paint and Northwest branches. Stier and his family moved to America several years earlier to escape the French Revolution (1788-1789). He named his holdings Riversdale (PG: 68-04-005) and began constructing his residence that same year. The mansion was modeled after the Stier family’s Belgian home, Chateau du Mick, and when completed in 1807, the building stood as a two-story stuccoed-brick dwelling in the late Georgian style.

Just two years after purchasing and improving the property, in 1803, the political tension that had caused Stier to flee his native country subsided and he and his wife, Marie Louise, returned to Belgium. Riversdale was given to their daughter, Rosalie, who married George Calvert, the grandson of the fifth Lord Baltimore, in 1799. After Rosalie Stier Calvert died in 1821 and George Calvert in 1838, their son, Charles Benedict Calvert, took over the plantation. Charles Calvert was a renowned agriculturist and helped establish the Maryland Agricultural College, now the University of Maryland at College Park. In 1861, Calvert was elected to the United States Congress and fought for the establishment of the United States Department of Agriculture. During his life, Charles Calvert conducted a variety of agricultural experiments at Riversdale and expanded the original holdings to 2,200 acres. Calvert died in 1864; however, the property remained in the ownership of the Calvert family for another twenty years.

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