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Tenant Screening

Anyone can find a tenant, but we won't let just 'anybody' sign a lease and rent our properties. We understand selection of a tenant is one of the most important details of management and adhere to a careful screening process every time. Our screening process actually begins in our marking step! We pre-screen prospective tenants with qualifying questions to ensure they meet the minimum requirements before scheduling showings. These include such topics as household income, move-in dates, basic rental history, and credit scores.

Naturally, we only want to lease to tenants who will take care of the property, make their rent payments on time, and not create extra costs by continually requesting unnecessary or unwarranted repairs. Our thorough tenant screening process serves to provide high confidence that the tenant moving into the property will adhere to these standards.

There is a reason why banks and lending institutions rely heavily on credit scores before lending money. This is because a good credit score is the single greatest predictor of a tenant making timely rent payments into the future. Our thorough tenant screening includes the following criteria:

  • Credit checks and credit scores
  • Criminal background searches
  • Income verification
  • Debt to income ratio
  • Employment verification
  • Criminal sex registry
  • Previous Rental(s) Verification/History
  • Court filings in Landlord-Tenant court
  • Prior evictions

Once all factors are carefully considered, we confidently put our stamp of approval on an application. We also do not charge any management fees during vacancies so our interests are aligned to secure qualified tenants as quickly as possible.

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