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When a property is about to be vacated, it is essential to secure a new tenant fast. This becomes our highest priority and our goal is to obtain qualified applicants as rapidly as possible. We provide a competitive rental price analysis which combines market data with our professional knowledge of current market conditions to give you the most competitive and accurate pricing. We always cross-check with current local rental rates to make sure we are asking the best rents that the property will bring in. The goal is to get a rental rate that is competitive, yet demonstrating fair value from the tenants’ perspective. Professional photos and video tours are completed which result in properties renting much quicker.

We do all we can to eliminate or limit any vacancy time. Our efforts to lease to a new tenant begin prior to the current tenant vacating as this drastically decreases vacancy. We look for tenants with long term rental potential and once a unit is rented we work in many ways to ensure they want to renew. This includes personal communication, quick response times, issue resolutions, and proactive actions. We know that turnover costs eat away at profits so do our best to keep those to a minimum.

Your property will be promoted on the following popular rental sites:

  • Realtor's MLS
  • Realtor.com
  • Zillow.com
  • Trulia.com
  • … and 100+ other search engines and sites

We blanket the internet with advertising of each property, getting the maximum amount of exposure so we’ll find anyone looking for a property that meets the criteria. We always make sure the property has been prepared in rent-ready status in a timely manner prior to tenants taking occupancy, by a thorough cleaning and other maintenance issues as may be required.

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