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Maintenance & Inspections


The proper handling of all real estate requires periodic property maintenance. Timely maintenance ultimately delivers better profits to owners, wisely avoiding greater future expenses.

For example, plumbing leaks should be addressed immediately, before bigger problems develop. Another example is the wood trim around windows, which should be painted when showing signs of cracking and chipping, thus avoiding weather rot, which will require entire replacements.

While we respect different policies or preferences of owners regarding the maintenance of their properties, our job is to point out recommended repairs to the owner; and money is never spent without the owner’s approval.

We work closely with our 3rd party contractors to ensure competitive and fair pricing and high quality level work. We are also always on the lookout for new contractors who have the potential to provide our high standards of workmanship to ensure we always do our best to pass savings to our clients.

We use a comprehensive work order system that allows real time and easy communication and updates instantaneously to all parties involved - Owners, tenants, and contractors. It allows for fast scheduling and completion of work orders quickly and efficiently and eliminates a lot of potential bottlenecks.

24/7 Emergency Phone Contact

An emergency contact number monitored 24/7 is provided in the event of any urgent situation.


Every Silver River lease contains wording that allows for periodic inspections of the property. Typically this is done once a year or more often as may be indicated to ensure the property is being well maintained, and to alert us to any maintenance items that may be required in the near future.

Renovations and Rehabilitations

Our team also has the ability to oversee and manage any larger scale renovation or rehabilitation projects should there be a need...

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