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Legal Compliance

Landlord/tenant laws are constantly evolving with evermore federal, state, county and city regulations. It is our job to minimize owner liabilities by making sure every property and lease is in compliance with the law to protect owners from legal complications. This includes issues related to health, safety, zoning, and landlord/tenant law. Silver River makes sure to stay in compliance with the updated housing regulations and to keep our owners informed of relevant issues.


We are proud of our track record of identifying and leasing to stable and faithful tenants, resulting in an eviction rate of less than 1% on tenants we place in our properties. Nevertheless, when evictions are necessary we know exactly what to do. We have a zero tolerance policy on late rent payments, and we make sure our tenants know it. We are rarely called upon to take legal action, but we are always ready if warranted.

Should you need eviction services for a tenant you already have in your rental, we can help with that too! Eviction filings are a time consuming and meticulous process and we can do all that for you. We understand the legal process of the counties we work in, file the appropriate paperwork, represent our landlords in landlord-tenant court, and facilitate the actual eviction in person. And once the eviction is over, we can help you turn the property and find, vet, and place a new tenant with a solid lease agreement!

If a tenant we screen and place in your property falls behind and has to get evicted, we will reimburse you for some related costs - we are that confident in our screening process! To learn more about our guarantees, click here.

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