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Small Critters Make Big Problems

Pests, Bugs, and Vermin
Small Critters Make Big Problems
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As a Property Manager, I know that it's never too early to be thinking about pest prevention methods. Not only are many of these pests a pain for residents, but some can even be transmitters of disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Rodents, bed bugs and mosquitoes are just some of the major pests that can appear during the warmer months of the year and terrorize residents.

A good Property Management company should be proactive in pest prevention. Waiting until the last minute to take proper precautions could result in a nightmare. Maintaining a safe and pest-free rental property will also keep both tenants and landlords happy. Property owners can safeguard against pest infestations by following these recommended tips by Orkin and the National Pest Management Association:

1.   Remove all unnecessary food and water sources.

2.   Seal cracks and crevices around doors and windows. Roaches can squeeze through the tightest openings.

3.   Keep gutters clear, and always keep direct water from downspouts away from the structure. Mosquitoes thrive in standing, stagnant water.

4.   Install screen windows and doors.

5.   Keep mulch at least 15 inches from the foundation. Also thin out vegetation. This could provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and access for ants, roaches and termites to enter your home.

6.   Keep tree branches and other plants trimmed away from structures. Ants can access structures by traveling across branches that touch roofs and sides.

7.   Keep indoor and outdoor trash containers clean and sealed. Periodically rinse out dumpsters and keep lids closed.

8.   Maintain a one-inch gap between soil and wood portions of a building and pay close attention to dirt-filled porches and crawl spaces. Termites could have easy access to wood through cracks in foundation walls or if wood is in contact with the soil.

Don’t let a mild winter turn your rental property into a scene from a bad movie. If  you suspect a problem, contact a qualified pest control professional who can recommend the best course of treatment. Is your rental property prepared for the likely early emergence of freaky pests?

This article originally appeared in Property Management Insider