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At Silver River Property Management, we treat your home as our own. We offer a wide range of property management services to fit your needs as a landlord or home owner, and tailor our services to ensure that you have the highest level of service for your home.

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Do you use the cheapest maintenance people you can find?

Maintenance costs are a reality in owning a property. In selecting our vendors, cost is a very important criteria, but vendors must also be capable of providing excellent work without needing to be called back for repairs that were not done right. They must also be of reputable character and dependable to do the work when they say they will do it and complete the job in the timeframe originally promised. We maintain a vendor list where we track their performance and fees.

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News & Current Events An Op-Ed of our local property management news.

Renting to Family or Friends.... Is it Ever a Good Idea?

Renting to Family or Friends.....Is it Ever a Good Idea? When you work as a landlord, it’s very important to keep your personal and professional life separate. A lot of landlords don’t do that, in that they choose to rent apartments to family members or friends. That might seem like a great idea on the surface. You already like them, so renting to them makes logical sense. You get the chance to help out a person you care about, and you’re able to have renters in your units so you have cash flow coming in. It wou...

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